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Fore-Ever-Marked 3" Tee Marker

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  • The original "Fore-Ever-Marked"
  • Made from a special blend of resins
  • Incredibly durable with a mirrored finish
  • UV stable and will never need painting
  • Color pigments are added directly into the resin.
  • Three sizes available
  • Fitted with a stainless steel spike

Available with or without neck in 9 colors.  Please specify in drop down.

Choose customize or not.  $10.00 additional charge.

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They  are  so  strong  that  you  can  throw  them  against  a  smooth  concrete  surface  and  bounce  them  50  feet  into  the  air,  and  they  won't  be  harmed.  This  helps  eliminate  the  problems  that  occur  when  golfers  hit  your  tee markers  after  a  frustrating  tee shot.  

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